Simply Raw Story

Founder Jess Brandis is a Milwaukee native, mom, wife, plant-based advocate and pressed juice enthusiast.

Growing up in the Midwest meant lots of cheese, dairy, meat, potatoes, processed foods, bottled “juices” and the occasional fresh fruit/vegetable. In her late 20s, Jess realized a healthy weight did not always mean a healthy body and underwent a massive transformation.

She left the corporate world of sitting 9 to 5, went back to school to study nutrition, overhauled her family’s diet and got certified at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Through daily juicing, she was able to improve her health, increase energy, gain glowing skin, a healthy digestive system and feel better than ever before!

Simply Raw Juices is steadfast to it’s key values. All juices are fresh, cold-pressed and small batch. For sustainability, juices are hand poured into glass bottles. Produce is purchased in large cardboard boxes, pulp is composted and all materials recycled.

Each bottle is packed with pounds of fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, herbs and roots. Nothing added. 100% absorbable goodness!

Simply Raw Juices’ mission is to provide the highest quality juice in an accessible way to improve the health of a generation.

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